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Hotel & Tourism Investment

An investment in a Hotel or Tourism project can be very lucrative, with hotels making upwards of 20%+ profit margins.  If you are exploring or actively looking to purchase a hotel, B&B, resort, or any other Tourism related business, we hope you will find the below helpful.

Below you will find guides, advice from experts, and podcasts from experts on their opinion on the things to look for in tourism investments.

If you would like any help, have a question or to be put you in touch with an expert in Tourism related investments, please contact us.

Hotel & Tourism Project Information & Guides


Costa Rica Hotel Consulting

Your guide to owning a hotel

Free Guide & Info


Select Costa Rica  Hotels for Sale

Our selection of hotels for sale in Costa Rica

Tips on investing in a hotel or Tourism Project

  • NO MLS: Costa Rica doesn't have a MLS so ask your realtor if they only show their exclusives or show others.  You need  Realtor or Consultant working for you.

  • BE PATIENT  don't buy the first thing you see.   You need to see property you don't like as well as property you do, as it will help you really define what you are looking for.

  • DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT:  Stop and take the time to find out what doesn't feel right and seek advice or professional help.

  • SEPERATE CONCERNS: don't use the same lawyer as the seller.  Trust but always verify.  Check all due diligence documents, again, if something doesn't feel right, as a 3rd party.

  • EXIT PLAN: buying property is exciting and while it's a major step, remember that someday you are going to want to sell it.  How easy will it be?  Can you get your original investment back or make $$?

Villa Buena Onda Drone View 2-min_edited.jpg

Top Rated Boutique Hotel

Villa Buena Onda - Papagayo


10 room ocean view boutique hotel

#1 on Tripadvisor, ADR of $500+, Land to grow and build, owner financing available.

Hotel Investment of the month

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