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Costa Rica Investments April Newsletter

Updated: Jun 25

We are NOT REALTORS. We help guide, advise and simplify the process by clearly understanding your goals and using our 100% local experts and experience to customize a plan to YOUR needs. We provide you with the information and perspective to make an informed decision whatever that decision may be.

This month's Costa Rica Investment Newsletter brings to you the following:

Investment Spotlight

Investment home example in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Hotel Gardenia: This boutique hotel, or multi-family property is located around 7 minutes from Playa Tamarindo, and is very close to all the central amenities of Tamarindo, it is in a very central location. The property comes fully furnished, and is composed of 2 "cottages", 2 apartments, and 1 studio apartment, currently functioning as a boutique hotel.

From comparable properties and from data from the hotels website, a daily rate of $650 ($130/unit) and an occupancy of 55% has been assumed in the model. That is an annual return of roughly 13.6%, roughly $155,000. This property doesn't have a an ocean view, but is close to the central area of Tamarindo.

Investment property in Playa Guiones, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Casa Los Mangos: This Villa is located around ten minutes from Playa Guiones, and is very close to Nosara. The property comes fully furnished with a pool and outside, mosquito protected rancho. The property has 2.2 acres of land.

Using comparable vacation rentals in the area, we’ve concluded that this house can average a daily rate of $210 and an occupancy of 68%. That is an annual return of roughly 5.5%, roughly $68,000. This property doesn't have a an ocean view and is slightly out of the way of many amenities which drags down its rentability for short term vacation rentals.

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Location Spotlight: Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo investment area

Playa Flamingo, on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, offers a peaceful escape with its beautiful beaches, relaxed vibe, and community spirit. It's an ideal spot for those dreaming of beachside living, offering a mix of charming homes and modern condos for all budgets. Besides stunning nature, it provides easy access to amenities and outdoor fun, making it a perfect place for a new home or holiday haven. Experience the pura vida lifestyle in this captivating coastal town. Ready to make Costa Rica your home?

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