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Costa Rica Investments June Newsletter

We help advise and guide you to make the right decision for your investment in Costa Rica.

Monthly Webinar: June 20 @ 5:00 PM ET - This month Richard will feature architect Juan Diego Cardenas from Studio Anonima. Q and A at the end. Sign up here >

Investment Spotlight:

Casa Mango: Costa Rica Investment Grade: A

Using comparable vacation rentals in Playa Grande, we’ve assumed that this house can average a daily rate of $275 and an occupancy of 60%. That is an annual return of roughly 11.3%, roughly $65,000. This would increase with additional investment, most importantly a pool, and also maybe a guest house.

Villa Flora & Florita's guest home: Costa Rica Investment Grade: A+

This property in the Senderos gated community of Tamarindo is a 4 bedroom and a 3 bedroom villa with 2 pools very close to the beach. With occupancy of 88% over the 204 available days, and an ADR of 1673, the ROI is about 12%, and if made available year round, will be higher.

If you are interested in seeing some of our other curated investments and what we think of some of the properties on the market as investments, visit

Data Spotlight: April 2023 v 2024

International arrivals are up 2.49% from April 2023 (236,611) to April 2024 (242,411).

There was a large difference between the two airports. SJO experienced an increase in .63%, with only an additional 902 tourists over the year before, and LIR with a 14.85% and 9,993 visitors. Overall, SJO almost doubles the total number of LIR, but the increase is significantly less year over year.

9.8% decrease in AirBnB occupancy - why?

Increase in total listings - 24.3% increase from 2023 to 2024 - Increase in supply outpaced demand, leading to lower occupancy rates.

Demand stabilization - Despite the increase in listings, the demand in nights booked remained relatively stable (230,632 nights in April 2023 compared to 230,821 nights in April 2024), indicating that the demand did not increase proportionally with the supply.

Return to seasonality - Based on the April data and reports from the hotel industry, Costa Rica is starting to return to pre-pandemic seasonality.

It will be essential to see how May and June act, but as the current data indicates, the industry should adapt a similar business model to 2019 in operations.

To hear more about current trends in Costa Rica listen to Richards Podcast with the link here:

Arenal Fractional Ownership

We are currently in the design phase of our latest development project from Belong Costa Rica. Based on our analysis of Arenal, we have identified a demand and lack of supply for high end experiential villas. The villas will be strategically located close to the town of La Fortuna, near waterfalls, white water rafting, and other adventures activities. Shares will be available, if you want more information on this opportunity, please Click here to register >

Join us June 20th @ 5:00 PM ET

Richard Bexon and Juan Diego Cardenas will be discussing the design and architectural process in Costa Rica. There will be a Q&A at the end. Sign up here >

For all things Costa Rica Investments, Real Estate & Relocation, make sure to tune in to Richard's podcast here >

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to or visit our home page

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