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Land, Building & Construction

Costa Rica has a vast selection of land that ranges from the mountain top, ocean view and heart of the jungle. As in any country, the process of purchasing your first piece of land can be intimidating. We have developed this section in order to facilitate your land purchasing process.

Costa Rica over the past couple of decades has experienced a massive surge of demand for land due to growing tourism and it being named one of the best places on Earth to retire. This has brought huge opportunities for development and infrastructure that makes the economy thrive.


Challenges of Buying Land

Thinking of buying land or building in Costa Rica? We discuss the process, pitfalls, and challenges of doing this and the things you need to consider. We talk about the due diligence process, making sure you have water permits, and then the process to build here in Costa Rica.


We discuss the roles of Architect, Engineer, and Construction Manager. What questions to ask them and how to make sure you are putting together the right team here in Costa Rica.

Buying Land, Building and Home Inspections

This week we chat with Melissa Santana, owner of SGI Engineers, a firm that builds and develops all over Costa Rica. As the inventory of built homes reduces, many people are turning to build their dream homes. We discuss things you need to be aware of, what to look for and how to do proper due diligence on land.


We discuss home inspections and the difference between engineers doing the home inspection and Costa Rican style home inspectors. Melissa gives us her opinion on what she would invest in to generate cash flow as well as her favourite places in Costa Rica.

Tips on land, building and construction

  • Work with the best suited real estate agent, builders and architects: We'd recommend that you don't go with the first real estate agent offering land in the area that you are interested in. Work with someone that seems genuine in your interests, has been working in the area for many years, ask about what developments they have worked on in the past, is bilingual and someone that you trust.

  • Utilities: Ask about what utilities come included with the land. Not all properties in Costa Rica are equipped with electricity, water and access to a public road. 

  • Negotiate: Real Estate Agents, Builders and Architects will offer you an elevated price due to your foreign background. Don't hesitate in trying to haggle the price to one that you can both agree on.

  • Mortages and Private Loans: Costa Rica has a number of ways to finance land/property if you dont buy it all up front. Check with local banks such as BAC, Davivienda, BCR etc to check interest rates and amounts that they would be willing to loan. Another option is to organize a private loan with the owners of the land itself. This option might be slightly more competitive compared to the larger banks

Locations Comparison Table

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Costa Rica Expat Communities

Oro Monte - Naranjo, Costa Rica



2-3 bedroom homes

1500 sqft homes, stunning valley views, 40 mins to the airport, expat community

Investment Community of the Month

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Tailored Real Estate Consulting

We are not Realtors.

We found that people looking to purchase or invest in Costa Rica needed guidance and help on the best locations to fit their lifestyle, to fit their investment goals, and to fit their future. 

We take a different outlook to real estate, where we represent YOU, the buyer. We use our 20+ years of experience in Costa Rica to help you find the right location and property. You can rest assured that we’re there to offer advice before, during, and after your purchase. 

You pay an affordable flat rate fee that ensures we’re there for you and have your best interests at heart. We know this isn't normal, but we believe it's the best way to make sure we are here and impartial for you.

"We weren't sure where we wanted to buy, and Richard and his team asked us questions to understand our goals, shortlist properties, and then toured with us while in Costa Rica.  Their knowledge of the whole of Costa Rica was invaluable."  Alex & Angela, TX 

Contact us today to have a no-obligation chat.


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