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Costa Rica Real Estate, Investment, and Relocation Consulting Packages

Heading 6
1 Day Consultation

$2000 / one time

Most Popular
2 Day Consultation

$3000 / one time

Heading 6
3 Day Consultation

$4000 / one time


Regarding a consulting agreement, please see an outline below, however you will also receive over 18 yrs of investment, travel and operational experience and advice.

  • 2 meetings prior to define the below

  1. Define clearly the characteristics of the property we are looking for

  2. Understanding your lifestyle: routine, hobbies, family, etc.

  3. Begin researching properties from multiple sources and contacts in areas we define

  4. Create a shortlist of properties with you and research them further


  • Days visiting properties with you (we provide the transport, viewing logistics and refreshments)

  • Education on Costa Rica Real Estate

  • Financial Modeling for builds & rentals

  • Access to our network of over 20yrs

  • Negotiate an offer if required.

  • Consulting Fee - We can provide a tax-deductible invoice and will likely save you more than this when negotiating the price.

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Jungle River

Working with Costa Rica Investments has been the best decision. The consulting service pays for itself in terms of time saved as well as the amount of stress the client avoids. It’s a win-win.

Angela Lord, TX, USA

Review on Investing in Costa Rica

No need to do it alone! Every question answered. A lot of resources will be at your disposal. Helpful, friendly & knowledge. Best decision I made.

Sharron Luecke, MI, USA

Review on Investing in Costa Rica

I highly recommend working with this company. The knowledgeable and experienced staff are a pleasure to work with and are always looking out for their clients' best interests.

Sara & Paul Brookes, UK

Review on Investing in Costa Rica

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