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South Pacific Communities

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Welcome to the enchanting South Pacific communities of Costa Rica, where vibrant culture meets breathtaking natural beauty. Jacó beckons with its lively atmosphere, ideal for surfers and investors seeking dynamic opportunities. Manuel Antonio boasts world-class beaches and eco-tourism ventures, perfect for those craving upscale living and sustainable businesses. Ojochal captivates with its tranquil charm and exceptional culinary scene, attracting expats and entrepreneurs seeking serene escapes and culinary ventures. Dominical offers a bohemian retreat for adventure enthusiasts and eco-conscious investors interested in eco-lodges and sustainable ventures. Uvita, renowned for its mesmerizing "Whale Tail" beach, offers a peaceful haven for wellness-focused businesses and eco-friendly accommodations. Whether you seek a tropical paradise to call home or aspire to invest in Costa Rica's booming tourism industry, these communities offer a slice of paradise infused with the essence of "Pura Vida."


Historically, Jacó was something of a hidden haven. From the time of Columbus in 1502 until the early 1990s it was a place of slow development, and the ticos’ favorite secret spot for a relaxing getaway. Late in the last century Canadian tour groups found the town. Then came the surfers to the crashing waves of the Pacific. Soon, retiring expats woke up to Jacó’s pleasant assets. The town was growing, but without major resources to fuel the growth.


Finally, William Royster cruised his private boat into Herradura Bay. He saw the massive potential of the beautiful beachfront property of Costa Rica. After the country’s terrible 1991 earthquake, he purchased 1,100 acres of the land around Herradura Bay, just north of the town of Jacó. His foresight created the Los Sueños Resort and Marina Master Plan that would change the surrounding area for the better.

If you only had one day to enjoy in Costa Rica, exploring Manuel Antonio might be your best choice. Except for a volcano, Manuel Antonio has nearly everything people come to Costa Rica to experience. The landscape, the wildlife, and the beaches are a microcosm of the best Costa Rica has to offer.


La Luna Restaurant at Gaia Hotel is a fine-dining restaurant. Enjoy first-class service from the moment you arrive as you are taken in a golf cart by friendly staff members up to the open-air restaurant at the top of the hill. Treat yourself to a gourmet dinner or come between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. for a happy-hour cocktail and tapas in the lounge.

Manuel Antonio

Ojochal is one of the older and larger expat communities with a real international flair. Noted for nice restaurants and larger mountainside homes with great ocean views, this town has a strong North American community. Just to the south of the zone is an 80,000 square foot hospital, The southern zone has strict zoning laws prohibiting high rise construction. And, you'll find more lowland forest animals, plants and birds here than most anywhere else. As less of a tourist area, this region has lower crime than most other areas. The downsides are that this area is about a 3 hour drive from the nearest international airport and there is less nightlife than any region other than the Lake Arenal region.


The unique village of Ojochal lies on the south central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, It is approximately 30 minutes south of Dominical , 15 minutes from Uvita, and 30 minutes north of Palmar Norte. Ojochal is a warm and welcoming village, which consists of a variety of hotels, restaurants, bars and other activities. Known as the “culinary capital” of Costa Rica; the restaurants are a cut above!!


Introducing our Southern-Pacific Communities

Jacó, Manuel Antonio, Ojochal, Dominical and Uvita. Our diverse southern region ready to be explored

Los Sueños, Jacó: A Model of Sustainable Development and Economic Success in Costa Rica

Cooperating with the national government to create a concept that was ecologically feasible while maintaining economic strength, the Los Sueños project was designated as a program of national interest. The Costa Rican first Marina Law was enacted based on the principles of Royster’s planning group. While planning for the total project commenced, the staff began a reforestation program that reclaimed 200 acres of the forest that had been destroyed by vigorous cattle farming, bringing back many displaced native species of wildlife.


The Los Sueños project included 550 luxury residences, and work continues on 450 more, a large 200-slip marina, and a luxury resort hotel, in addition to ongoing reforestation work. The project also includes the 6,700-yard, executive-level golf course, considered one of the best of Costa Rica’s 12 courses. The whole development has drawn local residents into the construction efforts, thereby providing jobs and income. The marina has attracted not only private boaters and fishermen, but also entrepreneurs who provide bill fishery cruises for vacationers.


Since 2001, the growing project has gotten the attention of entrepreneurs and hotel and attraction developers, and Jacó has become the premier beach resort in Costa Rica. As vacation and tourist attractions have profitably increased, so too has the permanent residency of both the town and surrounding areas, and housing options range from the luxury accommodation of Los Sueños to moderately priced choices for all income levels.

Jacó: Embrace Nature, Culture, and Safety in Costa Rica's Vibrant Coastal Gem

Stunning natural and ecological sites are within less than an hour’s drive, such as four national parks. With a cup of Costa Rica’s finest brew, you can extend your day trip to see a half dozen more.


Dining and entertaining fit right into the party atmosphere all around you. While the 90-mph nightlife may not be your thing, relaxing, open-air dining on a warm, balmy evening with friends, chatting as you listen to the waves breaking across the beach, may just fit the bill.


Socially, you can fit into many facets of a friendly and peaceful community. There is an active and welcoming expat group, as well as conversant ticos who are as interested in getting to know you, as much as you are curious about them.


Safety in this tourist town is not a serious issue. First, the country, in general, is very safe, rated number one in peacefulness out of 12 Central American and Caribbean nations, and number 23 out of 163 worldwide. Jacó’s criminal occurrences revolve around petty crimes, so taking precautions like not flashing a lot of cash and keeping cars locked are advised.

Jacó: A Versatile Retirement Haven with Ideal Climate and Healthcare Facilities

No one place can tick each item on your retirement wish list, but Jacó comes very close. This city offers everything from laid-back, dozing solitude to partying into the wee hours, all enjoyed in a “bright lights” town setting, a cool beach, or in the wilds of eco-friendly natural areas. Then, if you want big-city excitement, Costa Rica’s capital and largest city is less than an hour away.


At sea level on the Pacific coast, the warmth and tropical humidity are ameliorated by the pleasant Pacific breezes. Daytime temperatures range between 75 F and 90 F, and nighttime temperatures stay between 75 F and 79 F. There are two seasons, with temperatures remaining the same. The dry season lasts from December to late April, and the rainy season is May through November.


Another big concern for retirees is medical care, and Jacó has you covered. Located in the middle of town is the CAJA Ebais. CAJA is the acronym of the government-backed healthcare system, and Ebais is the local clinic with pharmacy services. Hospital care and specialist services are available in San José at one of the six hospitals. There are also private doctors and clinics in town if you prefer their care over the government system. The private medical community generally accepts the insurance provided by several different companies.

Person choosing clothesin store

Jacó: A Shopper's Paradise and Outdoor Haven

Shopping in Jacó is a fun experience. Basic necessities, such as food and clothing, are provided by many stores, including the top Costa Rican supermarkets, and clothing and accessory stores range from specialized independents to chains that are well represented in town. There is also an outstanding weekly feria, or farmers’ market, selling locally grown and produced fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and all the highest quality produce.


The first word that comes to mind when you decide to live in Jacó is “outdoors.” You have the beach for swimming, surfing, lounging, and billfishing from either the shore or a fishing boat, and, in town, many open-air stores, such as the Jacó Walk, and eateries of all types allow you to enjoy the serenity of the Pacific.

Sunset over the ocean


Culinary Adventures in Manuel Antonio: A Flavorful Journey from Falafel to Billfish Sports Bar

If you’re looking for Middle Eastern food, you will be pleasantly surprised to find authentic choices at the Falafel Bar. Choose delicious falafel with hummus and tahini, or shawarma and kabobs! Down on the town’s main beach, Playa Espadilla, stroll into the Buena Vista Beach Club Bar & Grill and grab a table on the sand to watch the surfers while you sip a rum and tonic. They’re open for three meals a day.


Pizza lovers can hit El Wagon for a taste of the locals’ favorite. Try their Caprichosa with prosciutto, salami, artichokes, and ham for about $14. Next door is the famous El Avion, where one of the Iran-Contra supply planes that flew contraband into Nicaragua has been repurposed into the focal point and bar. It’s a great family restaurant, and you can even rent a studio apartment just below it!


Emilio’s is another spot for ocean and jungle viewing. They feature exquisite breakfasts and lunches, with eggs Benedict under $8 and brioche French toast, plus an array of homemade baked goods and rich coffee. Café Agua Azul is an upstairs, open-air restaurant with a combination of great gringo and “tico” food at reasonable prices. The view is unforgettable!

El Patio de Café Milagro features live music from local musicians Monday through Saturday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., as well as a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. If you’re missing your hometown sports bar, you can catch up on all the action at Billfish Sports Bar and Lounge. You can also play pool, foosball, or wrestle with their life-sized Jenga set!

Manuel Antonio: A Nature Lover's Paradise - Adventure, Wildlife, and Coastal Bliss

For environmental reasons, food is not permitted in the park, but sodas and water are.  There are cafes available right outside the gates. Once inside the park, wide trails branch off from the main trail, each offering a slightly different combination of terrain and wildlife. At the end of the main trail, Playa Manuel Antonio is spectacular, with calm, blue-green waters where you can snorkel (if you bring your gear). Modern bath houses are available for a shower and a change of clothes. Keep an eye on your things, as the white-face monkeys and racoons are very accomplished thieves!


There are plenty of great things to do besides enjoy the park. There are a total of five beaches, all with slightly different activities to offer. You can learn to surf at Playa Espadilla. The Damas Island Estuary boat or kayaking tour is only a 15-minute drive from Quepos, and features a unique ecosystem of monkeys, sloths, snakes, and crocodiles! A short trip from Manuel Antonio to Marina Pez Vela in Quepos will let you charter a boat for world-class bill fishing, or inshore angling for grouper and snapper. Another option is to take a tour on one of the big catamarans for a breathtaking view of the cliffs and rocks along the shoreline, plus snorkeling and waterslides!

Manuel Antonio: A Paradise of Entertainment and Wildlife Wonder

In the evening, a fun place to chat with local expats is Dos Locos. You can usually find them swapping yarns over a cold Imperial beer and good Mexican chow. Live music appears there Wednesday nights and Saturdays at noon. You can also play trivia at Dos Locos on Thursday evenings. If you need to get your dance groove on, grab a cab and head down the hill to Quepos. The Cuban Republik Disco Lounge rocks hard into the wee hours there!


And now, the real reason over 150,000 people from around the world make their way to Manuel Antonio every year: the park! Even along the busy main trail through the park, you’ll still see a variety of sloths, monkeys, and tropical birds at every turn. The park is open every day but Tuesday. If you’ve enjoyed a visit to the park in the past, you’ll be pleased with the changes made there recently.


First, you buy your tickets online at the SINAC government website. For foreigners, adult tickets are $18, and children two to 12 years old are $5.75, plus the national 13% tax.  Holidays and the dry (tourist) season from December to April will see the largest crowds at the park. May, June, or July are less crowded, and the rains usually don’t begin until early afternoon then, if at all.


As the park only allows 1,500 people inside at a time, it’s important to plan well. Of course, as the animals feed at sunrise and sunset, an early arrival will offer the best chance of seeing the most critters. It is open from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m.

A green parrot

Discovering Tranquility: Navigating Manuel Antonio's Expansive Park and Parking Tips

The overall vibe of this beach town is laid back and family friendly. Retirees are attracted to this area for its many amenities, including its proximity to excellent health care, beautiful beaches, terrific restaurants, golf, boating, and exploring all the wonders of Costa Rica. Playa Potrero has great lodging and restaurants.  The most respected boutique hotel on this bay is the Bahía Del Sol, situated roughly in the middle of the bay. Bahía Del Sol is a favorite among tourists and locals alike, as many expats in the area come for lunch, for a drink, or to enjoy the pool during the day. 


Directly south of the Bahia Del Sol is the Costa Rica Sailing Center, which offers beach goers great food, a full bar, pool, and access to sail boats, catamarans, paddle boards, and kayaks. The Sailing Center offers fresh grilled seafood and live music to their patrons. They also offer a yearly membership that gives their members discounts on boat and equipment rentals, and also food and drink discounts.  You can also book your scuba diving from this location.

Manuel Antonio

White sand beach meeting clear blue sea

Ojochal: Your Serene Haven of Tropical Solitude and Natural Beauty

The town of Ojochal and its surrounding beaches provide solitude and the ideal setting for some rest and relaxation. Lush tropical forests melt into the sandy shores of the Pacific for tropical postcard scenery. Due to their location, these beaches are far less developed and visited than the more popular destinations.

Basic amenities and services are provided in the small authentic Costa Rican town of Ojochal. The slow pace hasn’t been affected by tourism yet, making this place a great ‘off the beaten track’ destination. Playa Tortuga, or Ojochal as it is known by the locals, is a clean strip of beach loved by Ticos and foreigners alike. The town of Ojochal runs along the Balso River, sits off the coast a little ways, protected by mountainous forest, the perfect spot from which to access the stunning coastline.

Person surfing on a large wave



Uvita: Where Nature Meets Convenience

Uvita originated as a small fishing village that was quite difficult to access.  However, over the years the town has developed a solid infrastructure and is now accessible by a paved highway from Quepos.


The town today remains small, surrounded by nature with expat conveniences. There is a an organic farmer’s market every Saturday, several local banks, supermarkets, appliance stores, pharmacies, local and expat owned restaurants, a recreation center, and even a local art gallery. Expats come from all over the world and lend an international flavor with Italian pizzerias and Asian fusion among local Costa Rican fare.


A local free and government-ran medical clinic is in the center of town, and there are several doctors and dentists on call for emergencies 24 hours per day. Just twenty minutes outside of Uvita is a modern hospital well equipped for emergencies with a multilingual staff and twenty-three departments including pediatrics, neurology, and gynecology.

Paradise Unveiled: Uvita's Magnificent Beach

The Beach

Uvita’s white sand beach within the Marina Ballena National Park is considered one of the most beautiful in Costa Rica.  It is surrounded by the calm Pacific Ocean which makes for great swimming and snorkeling. The area is protected and is surrounded by beautiful jungle trees, flowers, and tropical animals like hummingbirds, toucans, monkeys, sloths, and lizards.


A favorite experience among many visitors and residents is to walk out along the famous Punta Uvita, also called the Whale’s Tail.  At low tide a sandbar reveals itself, which extends far out into the ocean.


From July to January it’s possible to spot the Olive Ridley sea turtles coming onto the shore to lay their eggs inside the national park. The park is also home to many dolphins, which are easy to spot year round.  From December to April, Humpback whales migrate along the coast.  

Villa looking over the ocean


Surfer's Paradise: Dominical, Costa Rica

The town of Ojochal and its surrounding beaches provide solitude and the ideal setting for some rest and relaxation. Lush tropical forests melt into the sandy shores of the Pacific for tropical postcard scenery. Due to their location, these beaches are far less developed and visited than the more popular destinations.

Basic amenities and services are provided in the small authentic Costa Rican town of Ojochal. The slow pace hasn’t been affected by tourism yet, making this place a great ‘off the beaten track’ destination. Playa Tortuga, or Ojochal as it is known by the locals, is a clean strip of beach loved by Ticos and foreigners alike. The town of Ojochal runs along the Balso River, sits off the coast a little ways, protected by mountainous forest, the perfect spot from which to access the stunning coastline.

Waterfall Wonders: Exploring Pristine Costa Rica

There are unlimited options for adventure and sightseeing in this pristine area of Costa Rica. Several spectacular jungle waterfalls are found here. Pozo Azul is a 30-foot waterfall close to the village of Dominicalito. The Barú River Falls, also known as Santo Cristo or Nauyaca Falls, is located in the mountains above Dominical. This series of waterfalls is considered one of the most picturesque in Costa Rica, if not all of Central America. It cascades down into a huge natural pool that is 20 feet deep and perfect for swimming. The surrounding area is verdant rainforest with abundant wildlife. The mountains between Dominical and Ojochal are filled with dozens of smaller waterfalls. The hills behind Dominical and south into Escaleras have an endless ocean view framed by thick rainforest that most people can only dream about.

Uvita, The Activity Center


Uvita has many waterfalls thanks to the mountains and rivers that surround it, and these waterfalls make excellent swimming spots in the shade away from the sun. The most popular is the Uvita Waterfall, which is easily accessed from town and costs just $1 to enter.


Snorkeling and Diving

Cano Island, a biological reserve located an hour by boat from Uvita, offers spectacular diving and snorkeling. Surrounding the island are fifteen species of coral reef with large schools of fish, sea turtles, manta rays, eels, and white-tipped reef sharks. The diving here is considered to be second only to the famous Isla del Coco.



Various companies in Uvita offer kayaking and stand up paddle boarding tours of the national park to explore the mangrove forests, coral reefs, and jungle rivers. Spotting animals like dolphins, turtles, monkeys, and toucans is common. It’s also possible to rent kayaks and SUPs for self guided tours.


Uvita’s position inside of a national park makes it an easy place for taking plenty of day hikes through the mangroves and the rainforest. Birdwatching is quite popular where one can spot toucans, owls, osprey, woodpeckers, parrots, and more with or without a guide. Guided night hikes offer participants a glimpse at some of the nocturnal animals in the jungle like anteaters and bats.

Person kayaking in a river
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