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Meet Ana Brenes | Investing Costa Rica

Ana Brenes

Relocation and Real Estate Consultant
  • Hometown: San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Favorite Local Dish: Chifrijo

  • Secret Spot in Costa Rica: Playa Carrillo

  • Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, swimming

  • On Sundays, you can find Ana: Family lunch, always!

My specialties:

Real Estate


Ana, in her own words:


I was born in Costa Rica, and blessed with a wonderful family. Growing up, I was the youngest of three siblings.


Being a people person is definitely my thing. Meeting new faces and lending a hand along their journey brings me joy. I used to manage a boutique hotel, which later transformed into a bustling event venue. As the chef, I whipped up tasty dishes for our guests. But more than just a place to stay or dine, we became a hub for expat groups like the Women’s Club, Computer Club, and the Canadian and French communities. Sharing the beauty of our country with others has always been a highlight for me, making me the proudest Costa Rican you'll ever meet.


The beach, sunsets, and live music? Absolutely love them! My life is enriched by my daughter, and my dogs are my cherished family members.


My academic journey covered a lot of ground, from studying International Affairs and Environmental Consultancy to diving into Gastronomy and Business Management. Through these experiences, I've gained a broad perspective on all aspects of our country. Yet, it's my empathy and passion for what I do that fuel me every day, motivating me to make a positive impact on others' lives.

Ana's Articles & Podcast Episodes

We are keeping busy and constantly sharing new information and insights. Check out Ana's latest articles and podcast episodes.


Podcast Episodes:

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