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There is no regulated Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in Costa Rica where you can find all the listed properties for sale by region from licensed agents.  In fact, there is no mandatory licensing system for real estate agents or agencies in the country.  Nor are there designated buyer and seller realtors who split the commission when a house sells like in North America in most cases.  A typical MLS provides a great advantage to a property buyer because any participating real estate agent can access information and show all of the properties listed in the system. Rather than dealing with multiple agents holding exclusive listings of a few properties, you can engage one real estate agent and see many properties listed by all associated agents. In Costa Rica, there is no government involvement in the listing system. The participating agents control and monitor the system with no obligation to report information to any municipal body. Agents do not provide final sale information, so finding true comparable properties is difficult.  In much of Costa Rica, real estate agents use an open listing system where many different agents can list the same property, often at different prices. However, some agents in a few of the beach towns are using exclusive listings to provide more consistency and less bartering. This is not a common practice country-wide.  Real estate in Costa Rica is unregulated, there is no master database of all available properties. There is also no licensing of real estate agents, which means there are no professional standards of practice and ethics.

More often than not, real estate commissions in Costa Rica are considered a “finder’s fee” of sorts and are not exclusive to one agency or agent.  Basically, any agent, agency, friend, etc. that acts as the referral when a property sells is eligible for the commission, which is generally about 5% or more.  


How we can help - We have both a solid reputation and a strong network. Despite a lack of national standards for real estate agents in Costa Rica, our team holds the  same high standards as our North American counterparts delivering the best results for you in a timely and professional fashion. You will discover that our standards are higher than what many other companies in Costa Rica require and we have offices to assist you throughout Costa Rica providing access to one of the widest real estate networks in the country. These offices are in prime locations of San Jose, Jaco Beach, and Manuel Antonio.  Our company has proven results and can provide examples of the work we have completed to make sure you have access to the properties in your price range you are interested in.  We will utilize our Costa Rica real estate network to make sure you find your perfect property.  

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