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Nosara is an idyllic beach town on the Pacific coast in northwest Costa Rica, the Nicoyan Peninsula. As they say in Nosara: no shoes, no shirt, no problem, it's a relaxed place to live. The Nicoya Peninsula is one of only five Blue Zones in the world, and Nosara is one of them. As defined by National Geographic, a Blue Zone is a region of the world where people have lived much longer than average. More centenarians live in these areas than anywhere else. Longer life here is attributed to natural eating habits, physical lifestyles, strong family ties, and good friendships.

The town of Nosara has grocery stores, pharmacies, a post office, a police station, a clinic and a small airport. As one of the last remaining beach destinations in Costa Rica with unpaved roads, it's traditionally a hidden gem as tourists tend to flock to the more accessible Gold Coast to the north. The local economy offers well-paid jobs in tourism and crafts and crime is almost non-existent. Nosara is also a perfect place for expats looking to escape the brutal winters of North America with average tropical temperatures of 75-90 ° F.

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Important Facts

  • Strong Communites: Nosara is comprised by a number of smaller communities such as Pelada, Guiones, Garza and Ostional. Each with unique features bringing a range of culture diversification across the Nosara coastline. One of the oldest expat communities aging back to 1970s Nosara is the place to be for good surfing and united communities.

  • Great Surfing: Tourism levels continue to rise at Nosara as stunning properties are developed and more people discover the white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. Nosara is a big surfing community that offers all year round surfing conditions, strong hollow waves and plenty of hiring shops to get your gear from.

  • Good Restaurants: After a long day relaxing at the beach and reading a good book, how better to end the evening but at a fine dining restaurant? Being one of only 5 blue zones in the world, Nosara's community that a healthy diet leads to a prolonged life. A lot of fresh local fruits and vegetables with plenty of corn, rice and beans. Restaurants range from traditional Costa Rican meals to Italian fusion, Asian and much more

  • Yoga & Wellness Community: Nosara has a rich yoga culture and all your favorite exercise types. From fashionable and simple rooms to large buildings, there's something everyone can enjoy, and teachers are top notch wherever you go. Meditate in the middle of the jungle and breathe in the fresh clean air of the Costa Rican coast.

  • Quality Infrastructure: Regardless of Costa Rica being a third world country, it has invested millions into infrastructure and development for the wellbeing of locals and tourists. High speed fibre optic WiFi, drinkable water, paved roads and reliable electricity runs all throughout Nosara making your stay as enjoyable as possible.

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