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Central Valley Gated Communities

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The Central Valley has many gated communities where people live. These communities are popular because they make residents feel safe and special. They also have nice things like swimming pools, tennis courts, and more. Gated communities are extra safe because they have guards and cameras.

Traffic in the cities around the Central Valley has become a problem as more people move there. Gated communities help by keeping kids and parents safe. They also have fun things to do, like pools and fitness centers.

People who live in gated communities pay a fee called HOA fees. This money is used to take care of the nice things in the community, like the pool and the gardens.

To find the right gated community for you, you should look at different ones and think about where they are, what they have, and how nice the houses are. You should also learn the rules and talk to people who already live there to see if you like it.

Villa Real, Santa Ana

Villa Real is the most sought-after residential community located between Santa Ana and Escazu, two of the most cosmopolitan cities of Costa Rica. The development is accessed by going off a subdued exit on Route 27, which meanders uphill and arrives at a gated entrance where the only thing you see is verdant and lush foliage framing it, for an unsurpassed sense of arrival.


The complex boasts a premiere security system that gives the residents of the community the tranquility of living in a safe space. There is surveillance 24/7 provided by security cameras, and security guards allocated throughout. Moreover, it offers distinctive access for residents and guests, as well as a secondary entrance for owners, enhancing security and privacy. 


Villa Real was envisioned to be a nature sanctuary amidst the city. The developers wanted not only an exclusive enclave of like-minded individuals and families but also a place where this coterie could enjoy the best of nature. A remarkable percentage of its territory was designated to be the “lung” of the capital, with private forest reserves preserving the natural resources that make the place unique in its kind.

Parque Valle del Sol is a 342-acre lifestyle and golf community in Santa Ana. This community offers the ultimate lifestyle for those who are looking for a lifestyle. Here you can buy a Costa Rica luxury home in a top location in the most beautiful surroundings you will be able to find in Santa Ana – Costa Rica.


Parque Valle del Sol was started in 1975. But not until 1992 the original unfinished project was taken over by Habitasul, of what is today the finest Lifestyle Golf Community on the west side of the Central Valley.


Few Costa Rica real estate communities in the Central Valley give you the option to live right on the golf course, amidst the best amenities the fast-growing city of Santa Ana has to offer. And you’ll find yourself only 5 minutes away from major shopping options, hospitals and only 30 minutes from the airport. Santa Ana luxury real estate is hotter than ever, due to the tremendous growth of the west side of the Central Valley.

Valle del Sol, Santa Ana

Introducing our Central Valley Gated Communities

Explore Luxurious Gated Communities: Condominiums Valle del Sol, Villa Real, and More in the Central Valley

Hacienda Espinal is a project developed by Garnier & Garnier, a leading company in the real estate and real estate market in Costa Rica. With more than 25 years of experience and more than 40 residential, hotel, or industrial centers and parks/free zones projects, the company is characterized by developing innovative, efficient and quality concepts. Its operation is based on a rigorous sustainability strategy, for which it received the 2014 sustainable construction award and, in 2015, the Essential Costa Rica country brand accreditation. The experience of more than 25 years in architectural projects made Andrés Morales the best choice for the design and development of Hacienda Espinal. In this project, its goal was to guarantee its residents a sophisticated and environmentally harmonious lifestyle.


Located in our community and with private access for our residents, the Country Day School stands out as one of the best educational and private institutions in the country, offering its students first-world comprehensive education, which will open the doors of knowledge and prepare them to access the best universities in Costa Rica and the world. You can rest assured that your children will always be close to your home, even when they study.

Hacienda Espinal, Alajuela

Elegance Beyond Imagination: Villa Real - Where Luxury Meets Prestige

The exclusivity, safety, and privacy of Villa Real have made it a safe haven for a very eclectic group of people; politicians, CEOs, and high-rank officials have chosen Villa Real as their home, giving the community a multicultural and international flair. 


The Santa Ana Country Club also adds value to the location of the compound, as it is just across the street from it. In the country club, you can find different gastronomic venues, tennis, swimming, golf, and squash academies, gyms, and complimentary services such as nutrition, personal training, and physiotherapy. If you wish to relax, you can choose to indulge yourself in the steam room, sauna, or get a massage at the spa. 


Villa Real is also the home of some of the most high-end and luxurious houses in the country. The rolling topography not only offers some of the most mesmerizing views of the western suburbs, the volcanoes of the Central Valley, and even the distant ocean on a clear day, but it also has transformed the terrain into the perfect pedestal for some of the most daring architectural designs. To mention a few: the famed Shangri La with over 5000 sq.m of terrain allows the current owner to use it as a heliport, and One Villa Real, with its imported Spanish marble floors and private home theater. 

Beautiful cobbled streets, the green backdrop of the mountains, and the convenience of living poised in the mountains with direct access to one of Costa Rica’s most important highways come together and make Villa Real the holy grail of residential development. It is indeed, the dream of everyone but the accomplishment of only a few

Villa Real Gated Community

Enchanted Living: Luxury, Nature, and Recreation in Our Exclusive Gated Community

The scenic beauty of the exuberant forest reserve allows a host of amenities to which the residents have access, including trails where they can admire the local species of plants, and wildlife. In addition to this, the forest reserves also work as natural buffers that seclude the residences and give them an unsurpassed sense of privacy.


Another distinguishing feature of this residential community is its resort-like amenities. Leisure time converges with luxury and offers the residents of this exclusive compound the opportunity to enjoy friendly games in either of its sports facilities which include a tennis court, a semi-Olympic heated swimming pool, an additional pool for children, clubhouse, soccer field, and basketball court.  


With the wide offer of entertainment options that the community offers, it is not unlikely for residents and owners to stay on the premises most of the time, and when they do go out, they find that the best stores, commercial centers, banks, restaurants, and hospitals are only a couple of minutes away. 

House nestelled in the jungle

Valle del Sol Gated Community

Valle del Sol: A Lifestyle Golf Community

Due to the zoning in Parque Valle del Sol, only 50% of each lot can be built on. Hence, there are nice setbacks from the streets and large backyards. This beautiful lifestyle golf community offers everything you might wish for your new home. Parque Valle del Sol is close to everything, has a great golf course, tennis and is designed as a modern style community.


For years, homeowners would build Spanish and Mediterranean colonial homes but lately, you will see many modern contemporary homes built.


Many homes in Valle del Sol have state of the art finishes and even quite a few intelligent homes. Therefore, for clients who are shopping for golf property, this is paradise.

Valle del Sol: The Ammenities

Parque Valle del Sol has more than 475 residential lots around an 18-hole championship golf course and 10 tennis courts. Many of these lots have beautifully built luxury homes and mansions, some right on the golf course.


The concrete roads are wide boulevards with sidewalks. Here, the owners take advantage of the totally flat topography to jog, walk their dog or where the kids do their skateboarding. This amazing Lifestyle Golf community is beautifully maintained by the well-organized HOA.


This beautiful Lifestyle Golf Community is located in the Lindora area of Santa Ana, between the highway San José – Caldera and San Antonio de Belen. Shopping, restaurants, and banking can be found only a few blocks away from the community. Also, on the Lindora road, you will find many smaller shopping malls, an Automercado and three gas stations. And, you will be able to find restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and a wide range of Japanese, Indian and other specialty restaurants. Also, Multiplaza in Escazu is only minutes away, as well as the CIMA hospital and many other amenities you might need.

Golf ball on the green next to the hole

Hacienda Espinal: A Sustainable Community Where Nature Matters

Nature matters to us and we firmly believe that our relationship with the environment must be responsible, promoting environmental education and community organization through our own tools such as the Sustainable Construction Manual and the Local Suppliers Guide, which help us, day in and day out. day, to promote a green culture that protects our environment.


Discover a vibrant and engaged community where residents have formed specialized groups to enjoy and participate in various sports practices. These internal groups offer an exciting platform for neighbors to connect, share their passion and encourage a healthy lifestyle. In addition to sports activities, internal organized groups deal with a wide range of topics that capture the interest of the community. From cultural events to community projects, these groups become a space for collaboration and an opportunity for residents to actively get involved in the life of Hacienda Espinal.

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Hacienda Espinal: Top Class Ammenities

At Hacienda Espinal your safety is our top priority. Our world-class security infrastructure and services are designed to give you peace of mind and confidence, allowing you to enjoy a safe and secure environment at all times. The entire property has a 3-meter-high perimeter wall, reinforced with 5 strands of electrified mesh, to provide you and your family with a safe and protected environment. We also have a highly trained security team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and surveillance cameras strategically located throughout the complex. This allows us to have constant visual monitoring and rigorous supervision of common areas, providing an additional layer of protection for all of our residents.




  • Bike & Skate Park

  • Las Lagunas Trail

  • Club House

  • Pool

  • Peace Route

  • Bike path - 4.8 kms

  • Gym

  • Soccer fields (5 & 11)

  • Tennis courts

  • Basketball court

  • Playgrounds

  • Splash Pad

  • Dog Park

Hacienda Espinal Gated Community

Tennis courts

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