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Central valley views to San Jose, Costa Rica

Central Valley Schools

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In the Central Valley of Costa Rica, there's a great mix of private schools, each with its own unique way of teaching. Think of the American International School, which feels like a big family, or Blue Valley School, which has all sorts of different classes to choose from. This area gives families lots of choices for where their kids can learn and grow.

Schools like the British School and Lincoln School add to this mix, making sure there’s something for everyone. Whether your family is looking for a school that feels like home or one that challenges students to excel, the Central Valley has it.

Basically, the Central Valley is a go-to place for finding the best school for your kids. It's got everything from schools that focus on feeling like a community to ones that push for academic success. Families can pick the perfect place that fits what their kids need.

American International School

Pre-K – 12


Located in Cariari, Heredia, this school has 214 students and follows the United States educational system. Classes are in English. For a monthly fee, students can also take extra language classes in English (ESL) and Spanish (SSL).

This school is different from others because it has a family-like atmosphere. It has a low student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1, meaning each student gets plenty of attention. The school also welcomes all siblings, including those with special needs.

Students here can earn two diplomas: the National Baccalaureate (MEP), which is recognised in Costa Rica, and the United States Diploma, which is recognised internationally. This gives students more options for their future.


Contact information:

Telephone: 506-2293-2567

Fax: 506-2239-0625

Director: Charles Prince


Pre-K – 12


This school is in Escazu and has 670 students. It offers classes in English, and students can also take Spanish lessons from private tutors for an extra fee. Blue Valley is different from other international schools because it follows both the Costa Rican and the United States academic calendars. This helps students stay on track with both systems. The school provides two main diploma options: the IB (International Baccalaureate), which is known worldwide, and the MEP (National Baccalaureate), which is recognised in Costa Rica. However, it does not offer the United States Diploma. This arrangement allows students to choose between pursuing higher education internationally or locally.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 506-2215-2203

Director: Marie Gutiewirez

Fax: 506-2215-2205



Blue Valley School

Pre-K – 12


This school in Rhomoser has 900 students and follows the Costa Rican calendar. It teaches classes in English. Students in the primary grades can also learn English as a Second Language (ESL) and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL). About 85% of the students are from Costa Rica, and the rest are from other Latin American countries. The British School offers unique programs. It has the International Primary Curriculum for younger kids, the International Certificate of Education for middle school students, and the IB (International Baccalaureate) for high school students. These programs help prepare students for studies and careers around the world.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 506-2220-0131

Director: Prevor Davis

Fax: 506-2232-7833


British School of Costa Rica

Introducing our Central Valley Schools

Discover Central Valley's Educational Gems Across San Jose, Heredia, Escazu, Moravia, Santa Ana, Grecia, Atenas, and San Ramon

An International School at the Heart of Costa Rica

Pre-K – 12


This school in the hills of Escazu has 860 students and uses the United States calendar and curriculum. All classes are in English. The school does not offer ESL (English as a Second Language), and only students who already speak fluent English can enroll.

It is one of the most prestigious schools in Costa Rica. Students have the option to earn the National Baccalaureate or the United States Diploma, giving them valuable qualifications for the future. The school also has a campus in Brasilito near Tamarindo in Guanacaste, which is convenient for families in Nosara. This setup helps students in that region attend a top school without having to move far from home.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 506-2289-0919

Director: Dr. Gloria Doll

Fax: 506-2228-2076

Principal: Mr. Harry Grzelewski


Their Website

Country Day School

Country Day School in Costa Rica

Falcon International

Pre-K – 12


This international school is located on the Pacific Coast, just outside Jaco and one hour from the Central Valley. It follows the US calendar and has 100 students with an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Technology and environmental awareness are key parts of the curriculum at every level. FIS is unique in Costa Rica because it is the only school that uses Measurement of Academic Performance (MAP) Testing. The school also supports children with special needs. Students at this school can earn both the US Diploma and the Costa Rican Diploma. Additionally, every student graduates with Microsoft Certification (MOS), giving them a valuable skill set for the future.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 506-2637-7400

Director: Dr. Edwin Arrieta


CIEO: Martha I Felhofer



Their Website

International Christian School

Pre-K – 12


Located in San Miguel, Santo Domingo de Heredia, this school follows the United States calendar and teaches using the U.S. curriculum. It has 488 students and teaches all classes in English. This school stands out because it includes Bible classes in its curriculum and focuses on Christian values in all areas of life. ICS also offers programs in ESL (English as a Second Language) and SSL (Spanish as a Second Language). Students here can earn the National Baccalaureate, recognised in Costa Rica, or the United States Diploma. This choice helps prepare them for further education both locally and internationally.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 506-2241-1445

Director/Owner: William Tabor


Principals: Mike & David Tabor


Their Website

Classmates in Costa Rica

European School

Pre-K – 12


This school in San Pablo de Heredia has 490 students. It has its own school year that goes from late July to June and includes short breaks every nine to ten weeks. The school teaches all classes in English and only accepts students who are already fluent in English.

The European School offers two main diplomas. Students can earn the IB (International Baccalaureate), which schools around the world recognise, or the National Baccalaureate, which is recognised in Costa Rica. This choice helps students pick the diploma that best suits their plans for further education.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 506-2261-0717

Director: Anne Aiomson

Fax: 506-2263-5793



Their Website

Lincoln School

Pre-K – 12


This school, located in the mountains of Moravia outside San Jose, is the largest private school in Costa Rica with 1,100 students. It uses the United States curriculum and calendar, and all classes are taught in English. Students can also take ESL (English as a Second Language) and SSL (Spanish as a Second Language) classes. What sets Lincoln School apart is that it offers three diplomas: the International Baccalaureate, the National Baccalaureate, and the United States Diploma. This gives students a range of options for their education and future plans.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 506-2247-6600

Director: Jack Bimrose

Fax: 506-247-6700

Principal: Charles Prince



Their Website

Marian Baker

Pre-K – 12


Located in San Ramon de Tres Rios, between San Jose and Cartago, this school has 211 students. It follows the United States calendar and offers a curriculum based on both United States and Costa Rican standards. All classes are taught in English.

For students who need it, ESL (English as a Second Language) and SSL (Spanish as a Second Language) are available to help them catch up to their peers. Marian Baker School is smaller, allowing for more personalized attention for each student. It offers both the National Baccalaureate recognised in Costa Rica and the United States Diploma, giving students options for their educational futures.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 506-2273-0024

Director: Linda Niehaus

Fax: 506-2273-4609

Principal: Judy Crook

Their Website

Pan American School

Pre-K – 11

Located in San Antonio de Belen, this school has 600 students and follows the Costa Rican calendar and curriculum. It offers classes in both English and Spanish. Unlike other schools, it only goes up to the 11th grade, where students finish with the National Baccalaureate.

This school is well-known in the Central Valley for providing excellent education, making it a popular choice among local families. It's noted for its strong academic program that prepares students thoroughly up to the end of high school.

Contact Information:

Telephone: 506-2293-7393

Director-Alegria Lores

Fax: 506-2293-7392



Their Website

Panamerican School in Costa Rica

Complete List of Private Schools in the Central Valley

  • American International School of Costa Rica which works on the US calendar year. Located in Cariari, San José, Costa Rica.


  • Anglo American School. Bilingual = English & French.


  • British School. Bilingual = English & Spanish.


  • Blue Valley School. Bilingual = English & Spanish.


  • Country Day School. Escazu, Costa Rica. 


  • Colegio Calasanz in San Pedro de Montes de Oca for 47 years.


  • Colegio Saint Benedict. Curridabat location.


  • European School. Heredia, Costa Rica.


  • Franz Liszt Schule & Kiwi Learning Centre Preschool in Santa Ana. Spanish, German & English.


  • Golden Valley School. Trilingual = Spanish, English & German. San Francisco de San Isidro de Heredia.


  • Humboldt College. Trilingual = Spanish, German & English.


  • International Christian School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. San Miguel de Heredia and Liberia locations.


  • Iribo School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. For girls only.


  • Kamuk School. Bilingual = English & French. Boys and girls. Tibas location.


  • La Palabra de Vida. Bilingual = English & Spanish Christian School.


  • La Salle. Bilingual = English & Spanish for young women only.


  • Lighthouse International School. An interdenominational Christian school in Guachipelin de Escazu.


  • Lincoln School. English. San José, Costa Rica.


  • Marian Baker School. Bilingual – Spanish & English. San José, Costa Rica.


  • MonteAlto School. Heredia, Costa Rica. Bilingual = English & Spanish.


  • MonteBello – Taller Pedagogico. Heredia. Bilingual = English & Spanish.


  • Monterrey College. San Pedro. Bilingual = English & Spanish.


  • Mountview School in Guachipelin, Escazu. Bilingual Pre-School, Elementary and High-School.


  • New Hope bilingual school in San Juan de Santa Bárbara de Heredia.


  • Pan American School San Antonio de Belen, San Jose. Costa Rica.


  • Prodigy Kids Academy is located in Trejos Montealegre, Escazu. Their mission is to become the “school of choice” for discerning parents by providing a social, physical and natural Montessori environment that encourages children to reach their full potential.


  • Saint Claire School. Trilingual = English, Spanish and French. Curridabat location.


  • Saint Francis College. Bilingual = Spanish & English. Moravia, San Jose. Costa Rica.


  • Saint Gregory. Tres Rios, Costa Rica. Trilingual = English, Spanish & French.


  • Saint Joseph School. Moravia. Bilingual = Spanish & English.


  • Saint Jude School. Santa Ana, Costa Rica.


  • Saint Margaret School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. San Antonio de Belen location.


  • Saint Mary School. Guachipelin, Escazu. Costa Rica. Bilingual = English & Spanish


  • Saint Paul College. Bilingual = English & Spanish. San Antonio de Belen, San Jose. Costa Rica.


  • San Diego High School. Located in Alajuela.


  • San Lorenzo. Trilingual = Spanish, English & French. San Pedro, San Jose. Costa Rica.


  • Santa Monica School. Trilingual = Spanish, English & French. Guadalupe location.


  • SEAS International School (Services enriching academic success) is located in Escazu. An International Elementary Program with customized academics for grades K-8.


  • SEK Costa Rica. Curridabat, San Jose. Costa Rica. Bilingual = English & Spanish.


  • Sistema Educativo Whitman. Curridabat. Bilingual = English & Spanish.


  • Yorkin School. Bilingual = English & Spanish. For young men only.

San Ramón

Waterfall in Costa Rica
Student reading books

St. Johns Christian School

Private 100% bilingual educational center, with a North American English teaching method and a high-quality program in Spanish, becoming a high-performance educational institution for the student population of the Western area.

Their Website

Liceo Experimental Bilingue de San Ramón

The San Ramón Bilingual Experimental High School, is a public bilingual secondary school, located on Calle Varela in the district of San Isidro in the canton of San Ramón, province of Alajuela; and belongs to the school circuit 01 of the Regional Directorate of Western Education.


At present, a student population of around 520 students is served, distributed in 4 seventh-year sections, 4 eighth-year sections, four ninth-year sections, four tenth-year sections and four eleventh-year sections.


The Lyceum was born as an educational institution in 2006, and since its inception it has had to face a large number of problems and needs, which have been solved and currently the physical plant that the Lyceum occupies corresponds to 5 pavilions with 20 classrooms. , 1 computer lab and 1 language lab, as well as soda and dining room.

Their Website

Colegio Patriarca 

Objectives Strengthen in the Educational Community the experience of ethical, moral, Christian-Catholic and academic values ​​in the different educational activities of the Institution.


Promote the participation, teaching and practice of the Gospel in students, teachers, technical-teachers, administrators and parents of the School, communicating, reflecting and putting into practice the Word of God.


Contribute to the implementation and follow-up of an integral development of the student in the spiritual, academic, artistic, cultural, sports fields.


Make the educational management of the Colegio Católico Patriarca San José in the pedagogical-curricular-technical and administrative aspects efficient and effective, in the function of a quality educational service and academic excellence.

Their Website

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Education Excellence in Atenas, Grecia and San Ramón

In Atenas, the Green Valley Athens School and Colegio San Rafael teach students in both English and Spanish. These schools help kids learn effectively. In Grecia, the ABC Educational Center has been offering good education for ten years. Maria Inmaculada School teaches strong academics and Catholic values.

In San Ramon, St. Johns Christian School teaches in English and Spanish using methods from North America. The public Liceo Experimental Bilingue de San Ramon helps various students with their needs. Colegio Patriarca also in San Ramon, focuses on good values and strong academics in a friendly setting.

Sunset in Atenas, Costa Rica

Green Valley Athens School

Green Valley Athens School, founded in 1997, offers bilingual education to families in Atenas and nearby areas. It teaches students from one year old to eleventh grade. The school helps them prepare for the future and become active, happy members of society. The school focuses on teaching in both English and Spanish. It values academic excellence and teaches important life skills. If you're looking for a good school, Green Valley Athens School is a great choice. It has experienced teachers and good facilities. The school is safe and supportive, and it helps students grow personally and academically.

Their Website

San Rafael Bilingual School

Colegio San Rafael Atenas, founded in 1999, offers quality education to students in Atenas and nearby areas. The school aims to help students grow both academically and personally.

The school keeps class sizes small, with no more than 20 students each. This allows teachers to focus more on each student.

Students in grades ten and eleven take various English courses like Reading, Integrated English, Composition, and Literature. They also use the DynEd Platform to better their English and prepare for international exams.

The school has graduated 19 eleventh-grade classes so far, and 16 of these had every student graduate.

The school is located about 1 km from the center of Atenas, surrounded by natural scenery, which makes for a pleasant learning environment.

Their Website

Colina Azul School

Atenas Preschool y Escuela Colina Azul, started in 1994, focuses on educating the "whole child." This means they see students as very important and work on both school skills and personal growth. Because the school is small, teachers know each student well. The school teaches students to understand and care about the environment and to respect all living things. This helps students learn to be peaceful and responsible.

The school aims to give a thorough education that is tailored to each student. They prepare students to do well in challenging environments like secondary school and beyond, encouraging them to be lifelong learners who will contribute positively to the world. Students at the school work together on tough projects in an environment that promotes teamwork and creative thinking. They also study the arts, which helps them understand themselves and others better. When students finish at this school, they are ready to be honest, kind, responsible, and respectful people.


Their Website

Pencil and paper


ABC Educational Center

This school is a private, bilingual place that teaches kids from kindergarten all the way to high school. It has been in Grecia for over ten years, providing good education and becoming a big part of this close and family-like community. The goal of the school is to help each student grow in every way—through classes, cultural activities, and social experiences. They offer lots of different activities that students and their families can join in to learn more together.

Their Website

Maria Inmaculada School

The Maria Inmaculada de Grecia School is run by the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate. It has classes from Kindergarten through High School, which include Basic General Education and Diversified Education across three cycles. The school follows Costa Rica’s educational laws and the Ministry of Education’s guidelines. It is also influenced by the principles of the Catholic Church, Franciscan philosophy, and the teachings of Mother Charity, who founded the school's religious group. Additionally, the school has its own Educational Project that guides its teaching methods.

Their Website

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