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Costa Rica Citizenship By Investment

How to Obtain Costa Rica Citizenship by Investment: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to get your Costa Rican citizenship through real estate investment 

What is Costa Rica Citizenship by Investment?

Costa Rica citizenship by investment, also known as obtaining citizenship through the Costa Rica golden visa, is a law that allows investors from different countries to obtain Costa Rican citizenship through a financial investment into the country. This golden visa is designed to bring in foreign investment, attracting economic growth through residents in other countries. By investing in real estate, businesses, or government bonds, people from other countries can gain residency for Costa Rica, which can later turn into full citizenship. Compared to other countries, Costa Rica offers a more straightforward way of getting citizenship from another country.

Benefits of Obtaining Costa Rica Citizenship

There are many benefits of being a Costa Rican citizenship. Being a Costa Rican citizen allows you live, work or set up your own business in a stable and growing country, with lots of opportunities for investment or building a business. The Costa Rican passport means you can visit roughly 140 countries visa-free! Costa Rica has a very high quality of life with good healthcare and educational systems available for citizens. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with great mountains, beaches, volcanos and some large cities! Costa Rica has roughly 35 micro climates, meaning you can find a suitable location almost anywhere across the country. As a Costa Rican citizen, you may benefit from favourable tax policies depending on where you originated from.

Requirements for Costa Rica Citizenship by Investment

To get citizenship in Costa Rica through an investment into the country means you have to meet certain criteria. The most important requirement is making a financial investment large enough in an asset in this country. The investment can be in real estate, a business, or government bonds. The minimum investment amount changes depending on the investment but the dollar amount has recently been lowered from $200,000 down to $150,00. When applying for the golden visa applicants must provide some proof of their financial ability to make this investment and also undergo the background checks. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Costa Rica Citizenship by Investment

1. What are the investment options for Costa Rica citizenship? Investment options are a real estate asset, business investments, or government bonds. The minimum investment amount changes but starts at $150,000.

2. How long does the application process take? The process can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the specific application and the type of investment, this process can vary in length.

3. Do I need to learn Spanish to apply for citizenship? Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, but there is NO language requirement for citizenship by investment. 

4. Can I include my family in the citizenship application? Yes, direct family members such as a spouse and children can be included in the application.

5. What are the residency requirements for maintaining citizenship? There are minimal residency requirements, but it is recommended to visit the country every so often.

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The Application Process: Step-by-Step

First, we recommend investors consult with legal experts to assess their eligibility and likeliness to get the citizenship and understand the specific requirements. The next step is to prepare and submit all of the necessary documents, including your proof of investment into the real estate asset in Costa Rica, your financial statements, and your personal identification. This will then be reviewed by the government. If you get approval, you will get your residency! Which must be maintained while you work towards your full citizenship. The final step involves taking an oath of allegiance and then receiving your Costa Rican passport.

Costs Involved in Costa Rica Citizenship by Investment

The costs involved in gaining your Costa Rican citizenship by investment is mainly the amount of your investment, which is $150,000. There are also government fees and charges for processing the application, which can range depending on how you invest. There are also legal and consultancy fees which you will pay if you decide to use a lawyer or consultant, which is recommend if you want a faster and smoother process. Professional assistance is needed to navigate the application process quickly. You should also consider costs like your travel expenses from getting from your home country to Costa Rica, if you need a car etc.

Living in Costa Rica: What to Expect

Living in Costa Rica is very different lifestyle to the US, Canada, or where ever else you're originating from. Costa Rica has a much more laid back lifestyle, with nature and the outdoors being a large part of this lifestyle. Costa Rica has very friendly residents, but also has many expat communities up and down the country. The cost of living is also relatively affordable, although more expensive than many expats expect. There are many micro climates in Costa Rica also with distinct wet and dry seasons. Costa Rica is a very active, nature centred country, with outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, and wildlife watching being the main attractions. 

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