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Digital Nomad Visa

Buying property in Costa Rica with your Digital Nomad visa

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Costa Rica's idyllic atmosphere and developed infrastructure has attracted many Digital Nomads in the past decade. The process can be intimidating but with the right help the porcess is facilitated. Initially, Nomads must prove $3,000 USD income from a job abroad. An application through lawyers make it more efficient because they have a special platform to book appointments with the government. The process to apply: about 2-3 months. The visa costs about $700 in legal fees and some add ons such as translation,  expenses etc... The visa is for one year and can be renewed if you stayed in Costa Rica for over 6 months in the first year.

Costa Rican Residency & Digital Nomad Visa Podcast

We talk about ways to get Costa Rican Residency and the Digital Nomad Visa as well as help for Expats here in Costa Rica from buying a car to Real estate.

Need Help?
We are here to help you.

Contact us and we will happily help you with any questions you have about Costa Rica.  With over 50 years of combined experience, who better to ask than the experts?

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Playa Avellanas Hotel B&B

Remodel to short/mid-term rentals.  Purchase for $675K, remodel for $200K. and rent short or mid-term (30 day contracts.

9-19% ROI 

​Your guide to buying property in Costa Rica
Buying property in Costa Rica

Your guide to buying a Costa Rica Vacation Rental

Free Guide & Info

How to buy real estate in Costa Rica
​Curated Real Estate Investments in Costa Rica
Buying property in Costa Rica

Curated Real Estate Investments in Costa Rica

Our selection of investments in Real Estate in Costa Rica

Investing in Costa Rica real estate

You pay an affordable flat rate fee that ensures we’re there for you and have your best interests at heart. We know this isn't normal, but we believe it's the best way to make sure we are here and impartial for you.

"We weren't sure where we wanted to buy, and Richard and his team asked us questions to understand our goals, shortlist properties, and then toured with us while in Costa Rica.  Their knowledge of the whole of Costa Rica was invaluable."  Alex & Angela, TX 

Contact us today to have a no-obligation chat.

Curated & Tailored Investing, Real Estate & Relocation Consulting

We are not Realtors. You pay us a flat rate fee to represent your best interests in Costa Rica.

We found that people looking to purchase or invest in Costa Rica needed guidance and help on the best locations to fit their lifestyle, to suit their investment goals, and to suit their future.

We take a different outlook on real estate, where we represent YOU, the buyer. We use our 20+ years of experience in Costa Rica to help you find the right location and property. You can rest assured that we’re there to offer advice before, during, and after your purchase. 

Quick review of factors when considering options for an investment property in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Locations Comparison Table

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