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South Pacific Schools

School kids on a field trip

Welcome to the captivating South Pacific region of Costa Rica, a paradise where the wonders of nature seamlessly integrate with quality education. Nestled in the picturesque areas of Uvita, Ojochal, Costa Ballena and Dominical, this region offers a unique blend of academic excellence and the stunning beauty of rainforests and pristine beaches. As you explore the educational opportunities here, you'll discover a diverse range of schools that cater to the varying needs of students and families.

In this idyllic region, families have the option of enrolling their children in virtual schools, providing the flexibility to tailor education to individual schedules and preferences. This modern approach to learning opens doors to a world of possibilities, allowing students to embrace their studies while exploring the natural wonders of Costa Ballena. Additionally, for those with a passion for music, specialized music schools in the South Pacific offer a chance to hone their talents under the guidance of skilled instructors.

Schools in Uvita

Uvita is home to most of the families in the Southern Zone and the two bilingual international K-12 schools available in the region. There are also other bilingual schools that cater to younger students.


Casa del Nino Uvita Montessori


This school offers high-quality, bilingual (Spanish and English environment), comprehensive education from preschool through the end of elementary grades. Their goal is to foster a love of learning and address the whole child academically, emotionally, and socially. 

Their Website

Life Project Education


This elementary grade school is a grassroots holistic education center nestled in Ojochal. Their unique program offers opportunities for children, families, and teachers to explore the emotional, social, artistic, moral, psychological, physical, aesthetic, creative, and intuitive layers of development. The bilingual team and curriculum nurture “simultaneous bilingualism” with daily exposure and opportunities to use and learn both English and Spanish equally. Life Project Education partners with WASC accredited Global Village School, a holistic education program in California. Families may elect to dually enroll in both Life Project Education’s program as well as the GVS program in order to receive a fully accredited verification of grade completion. Topics may be customized to children’s level, interests, and strengths but in general incorporates an authentic age-appropriate challenge or problem to be solved, partner or small group collaboration, student-centered inquiry and problem-solving, and presentation of learning. 

Their Website

Schools in Ojochal

Spanish Speaking Public Schools

Escuela Dominical Palabra de Dios


A public Christian elementary school in Spanish language only.


Escuela Dominical ValleDupar Central


A secular public elementary school in Spanish language only.


Escuela Dominicalito de Osa


A secular public elementary school in Spanish and some English language.


Escuela la Uvita de Osa


A secular public elementary school in Spanish and some English language.


Escuela Tortuga Ojochal

A secular public elementary school in Spanish and some English language.

Costa Ballena

Introducing our Southern-Pacific Schools

From Ojochal and Uvita to Dominical and Costa Ballena... Top-shelf education specializing in international diplomas to music to bilinguilism.


Flag of Costa Rica


This active surf town has a number of public elementary schools that are in Spanish only. Families that live in this region may choose to enroll their younger children in these schools for a cultural immersion experience. However, most expat families, especially those with 10+ year olds, will typically choose to live in Uvita or Ojochal to be nearer to the international bilingual schools.

Virtual Education in Costa Rica Southern Zone


Although there are many virtual education opportunities around the world, Costa Rica has an excellent virtual school that caters to all ages — from kindergarten to college.


BMS Bilingual and Multidisciplinary School Virtual School

This is the fastest growing private school in Perez Zeledon thanks to their ability to offer a great online curriculum to students of all ages. Opening its doors in 2011, the goal of the school is to offer tools for the intellectual, physical and personality development of children in a friendly way both with people and with nature. They claim to have the best team of professionals trained to develop each faculty. The school offers classes from pre-school into college. Curriculums are offered in the English language for all subjects, except for Spanish and social studies in relation to Costa Rica. The school curriculum has a strong focus on sports, music, computers, and environmental awareness. 

Their Website

Music Schools in South Pacific Costa Rica

Symphonic Music School


Training students with a high level of musical performance. They offer concerts and recitals, with several groups playing in symphonies, big bands, orchestras, and chamber groups. They offer summer camps and programs available for students of all levels.


Escuela de Música Acordes


Music school based on the teaching of music theory and performance of musical instruments


Escuela de Musica GM Uvita


We have qualified teachers and vast experience in various musical genres that will adapt to what you want to learn. We teach music classes electric guitar acoustic guitar, bass, singing, commercial production, recording studio

An array of musical instruments

Uvita Christian Academy

An international school with a bilingual curriculum that is less structured (individual pace) to accommodate students whose families travel internationally during the school year. The school year begins at the end of January. The faculty are highly qualified. They use a U.S. accreditation program that has a proven track record with thousands of students successfully entering top colleges in the U.S.

Their Website

Centro Educativo Costa Ballena

A bilingual pre-k through secondary school education center that provides a great environment for students to learn and the interaction between children of different cultures is invaluable. After one year, many students who have come from other countries become completely fluent in Spanish. The curriculum follows U.S. standards so that kids can transfer back easily at any time. The class sizes are small, the teachers clearly care about the kids. The school was established in 2007 and earned accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica in 2012. Approximately 140 students and staff from many different countries. We are the most diverse, multi-cultural spot in Southern Costa Rica offering preschool to 12th grade.

Their Website

This Spanish-language middle school has great staff, good facilities, and a good environment for students to learn, including a great English-language education focus. 

Their Website

Liceo de Uvita

Puerto Cortes Schools


Cortes is home to the two main public high-schools that service the Costa Ballena region. Spanish speaking/bilingual high school students travel by bus from Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal, and Palmar to attend these two schools:


Liceo Pacifico Sur


The facilities at this high school are new and are seeking international accreditation for post-secondary education.

Their Website


Escuela Nieborowski


Named after one of the Polish founders of Puerto Cortes, this large high school is one of the well-known schools for soccer.

Their Website


A woman in a traditional Costa Rican dress

Other Learning Centers for Kids in the Area

Bodhi Surf School Family Surf Camp


A place for active families looking for a unique experience where families can learn and practice surfing and yoga in a friendly environment.


Ojochal Language School


A place for kids to learn cooking, language, and adventure skills


Akka Institute


Yoga and jiu jitsu classes for kids in a beautiful, open air facility. Akka is a safe space for the local and international community to participate in daily activities centered on the health of mind and body, educational workshops and transformational events.

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