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Dominical / Uvita

Dominical is one of Costa Rica’s hidden gems boasting a compelling mix of natural beauty and modern development. This small Costa Rican towns year-round cerulean waves mean it is a hotspot for surfing enthusiasts with a plethora of reputable surf schools for even the most novice of surfers. It is an idyllic location; from the crystal clear Nauyaca Waterfalls to the lush, vibrant rainforest teeming with wildlife. This more peaceful and relaxing beach town vibe is a welcome relief for those wanting a departure from the party scene present in many other pacific coast areas.

Dominical has something for everyone; whether that be activities such as snorkelling/horseback riding/yoga/fishing/whale watching or even taking a trip to one of Dominical’s range of high quality, yet affordable, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Property Information

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Dominical / Uvita

2 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

4 Bedrooms


Starting from: $270K
1,292 sq ft

Starting from: $695K
2,928 sq ft

Starting from: $749K
3,842 sq ft


Starting from: $479K
1,771 sq ft

Starting from: $819K
4,844 sq ft

Starting from: $949K
1.56 ac

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Important Facts

  • Cooler climates in the hills: Due to their higher altitude the hills of Dominical provide cooler living conditions for those who may have concerns surrounding the Costa Rican climate.

  • Amazing views of wildlife filled rainforest: Dominical’s rainforests are a masterpiece. The vast array of animals such as Capuchin monkeys, Iguanas and Sloths paired with the gleaming Costa Rican sun make for some truly stunning jungle views that really are a must see.

  • Great restaurants: The restaurants of Dominical are known for serving some of the best food in Costa Rice. From traditional Costa Rican food to international fine dining Dominical’s food scene provides options for all palates. This paired with the affordable prices and availability of fresh caught seafood up and down the coast have helped form Dominical’s culinary reputation.

  • Good infrastructure: One of the main attracting attributes of Dominical is its well-developed transportation and infrastructure. Its roads are well surfaced and are maintained effectively and there is a wide availability of transport options. Drainage systems have also been installed throughout Dominical to help combat the effects of Costa Rica’s heavy rainfall.

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